Rest, Relax, Rejuvenate

Licensed Massage Therapy in the Greater Puget Sound Area

Bodhi Bodywork

At Bodhi Bodywork, we strive to practice massage designed for 

healing, relaxation and comfort.  All of our sessions are client centered, 

created with the goal of helping you find relief from the daily stresses of life

 and returning your body to its natural sense of balance. 

We offer several different types of massage therapy 

to calm mental, physical and emotional stress.  

From deep tissue to myofascial, cupping, 

or hot stones and classic swedish massage- 

our practitioners customize a mix of modalities to 

detoxify tissues, get stuck muscles moving and blood flowing.

Established in 2011, Bodhi Bodywork is a locally owned and operated 

massage therapy clinic with two locations in the beautiful Puget Sound Area. 

 At our newest location in Des Moines, we are blocks up from the marina, 

across the street from Sukha Healing Arts Center.  

We are part of 'Ascension Wellness' with Angela Tessier, LMP/MA, 

Kaye Fox, and Tracey LeMoine, LMT. 

Our original location is in the Fremont neighborhood of Seattle 

at the Atrium Offices with Dragonfly Holistic Healing Center, 

and Green Tea Massage. 

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