Meet our Therapists

Mindee Watt, Owner/LMP

I believe that massage therapy can be a very powerful tool that we can  use to heal our bodies and help prevent dysfunction. My approach to  massage is to share with clients my knowledge on how the body works and  get them engaged in their own process of healing.  I enjoy working with  people who are looking to enhance their own body awareness and gain  understanding on how to use their bodies in a more effective and  beneficial way. My style is to blend a combination of techniques such as  swedish, deep tissue, lomi-lomi, neuro-muscular release, myofascial  release, hot stones, cupping and stretching to create a unique, relaxing  and effective session every time.

Lic# MA 60127124

Angelica Jannone, LMP

I really like working on people; as a therapist, I treat muscles and  tissues, but I also spend much of my time listening. I specialize in  deep, treatment oriented work where I take my time, allowing the tissues  to let me in and release. In doing so, depth tends to be secondary; it  is either needed or it isn't. I work to treat and mitigate a variety of  conditions such as chronic pain, stress and anxiety as well as work in  conjunction with athletic conditioning, physical therapy and postural  improvement. I like getting to know clients, their pain, how they use  their bodies so that I can work with them to provide a truly  client-centered experience and a therapeutic relationship. I generally  combine deep tissue work with a myofascial "hook" to deeply affect  tissues and structures for a feeling of relief that lasts. As I  mentioned earlier, I'm a great listener, so I'm eager to work with  clients to meet their needs.

Lic# MA 60503919